Q:  What is SpeedtrialUSA and what do we do?

A:  SpeedtrialUSA is a Driving School were you can learn the fundmentals of High Performance Driving in a Race Prepared Toyota Celebrity Celica


Q:  What are the safety requirements?

A:  We Highly Advise Wearing Pants and Cotton Clothing.


Q:  Can I drive my own car?

A:  Well no, But we would rather you learn how to drive in a High Performance setting our Race Preped Toyota Celebrity Celicas


Q: what if I don't know how to Drive a car a with manual Transmission

A:  The cars we have are not the best cars to learn Manual Transmission on.
An Alternative Car with Automatic Transmission will be provided.

*We Reserve the Right to determine Manual Transmission Proficientcy


Q:  Is there an age limit?

A:  The age limit is 18 years of age or older, with exception of skilled younger drivers with a parent present.

Q:  How much track time do I get?  How many cars will be on track with me?

A: There are approximately 5 of these sessions per day But Remember that Speedtrialusa is a Learning experience for the Novice Driver so included will be a Ground School where one will learn the fundementals of High Performance Driving 


Q:  If I bring a guest, can he ride in cars as a passenger?

A: No, Because this is a School

Q:  Who are the instructors at the events and can anyone get an instructor if needed?

A:  Our instructors are SCCA and NASA licensed drivers. You will be assigned to one for the entire day


Q:  What level and amount of instruction could they expect to receive?
A:  For the beginners, we will have basic safety instructions and basic race lines.  More of the instruction will be on the safety rules and track courtesy. Once they have learned and applied all these basics, the track will be a lot more fun.


Q:  What are the passing rules?
A:  Passing is restricted to point-by passing on the Main straight or Back Straight only.


 Q:  What do you guys have on hand for a safety crew and corner marshals for your events?

A:  Our events will always have either a fire rescue or an emergency medical transport (EMT) on standby at the track.  Our corner marshals are well trained to help and assist all our participants track side at all blind corners.


Q:  Is this dangerous?  Has there been accidents at your events?

A:  Yes, Motorsports is dangerous just like many other sports.  So is driving on the public highways.  And yes we have had cars totaled at our events due to driving beyond ones ability.  Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime and any place.


Q:  Is there motor coach parking (with trailer) -close proximity to pits?

A:  Yes there is parking for your coach and or trailer near the pits.


Q:  Can I bring my dog / pet?  She is very well behaved and will be leashed.
A:  As long as she is on the leash, it's ok.


Q: What is your refund and cancellation policy?

A:  Full refunds less $30 processing fee, with at least 14 days notice prior to the event.

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